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A Fans' Guide to Hawaii 5-0 $12.18

Cheryl Hollar

Book › Tomahawk Press


This unofficial book for the fans takes a first-ever look behind the camera with directors and writers of the original and reboot Hawaii Five-0.

Take a walk with author Cheryl Hollar from the beginning of the original Hawaii Five-0 series right through to the immensely successful re-boot. Discover how it all began back in 1968. Read how Sunset on the Beach started, and why Jack Lord promoted the original series as no publicist ever could. Read about the private Jack Lord in the words of his personal assistant. Find out why it takes eight days to film one episode of the new series and how the success of the 2010 re-boot surpassed everyone’s expectations.

This book gives Hawaii Five-0 fans an up-close look at the action through conversations with crew and actors of both past and current series.

If you love Hawaii Five-0, you will love this book!

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