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Bluetooth Adapter for 2011 or Earlier Mercedes iPod iPhone 30 Pin Cable - CoolStream CarPro $79.99


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CoolStream CarPro for 2011 or Earlier Mercedes Benz.

Stream Music to 2011 or Earlier Mercedes Stereo with CoolStream CarPro.
Make the old 30 pin iPhone 4 cable in your Mercedes useful again by using CoolStream's latest Bluetooth adapter, the CarPro. It is specifically designed to support music streaming from mobile devices, such as iPhone 7 or iPad Air, to the Mercedes installed 30 Pin iPod connector.

Easy Installation. Just Plug, Pair and Play
The CoolStream CarPro plugs on to the 30 pin old iPod / iPhone cable. When you turn on the car, the CarPro automatically powers on and is ready to pair with your phone. After the first use, it will automatically reconnect to your mobile device. No additional cables to plug in, no batteries to charge and no microphones to find. Just play your music. The CarPro also works with the steering wheel buttons so that you can control the playback of songs saved on your phone. Pandora and other music streaming apps cannot be controlled with steering wheel buttons.

Optimized for iPhone including iPhone 7
The new iPhone 7 and models 6 and 5 have the lightning 8-pin connector and do NOT go on the old 30 pin cable. No problem. We have optimized the software inside of the CoolStream CarPro for the iPhone including iPhone 7. Once you have paired your iPhone to the CarPro, your music library (music saved on your iPhone) will appear on the car's entertainment system screen. You will be able to navigate through your music library using the car's control buttons. Please note that this function is only for iPhone and iPad. It is NOT supported for iPod or Android devices. Also song/artist information and command button controls are NOT supported for music played from Pandora or other music streaming apps. DESIGNED and SERVICED in USA. CoolStream is a USA company committed to customer service. Click on the "Sold by CoolStream" link above to contact us by email or telephone. We are based in NH and happy to help. PLUG, PAIR, and PLAY. The CarPro is easy to use and works with iPhone 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3 as well as Android phones. Designed to work with CAR FACTORY installed iPod cable. iPod cable is NOT included with CarPro./Unplug CarPro from car's iPod cable. Make sure that your phone has the latest operating system./ Make sure that you have at least 1 song downloaded and saved it to your phone./ Completely shut down and restart your phone./ Plug the CarPro back on to the car's iPod cable.BLUETOOTH WIRELESS ADAPTER for 2011 or EARLIER MERCEDES. CarPro also works with INFINTI, JAGUAR and MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE system integrated iPod cables (NOT compatible with USB only iPod Cables). Due to variations in the entertainment systems of different models and different production years compatibility is NOT guaranteed.BLUETOOTH AUTO RECONNECT. Every time the car is started the CarPro will automatically reconnect to the last device with which it was paired. Conflict between the CarPro and the car's Hands Free Bluetooth can effect music quality.STEERING WHEEL CONTROLS SUPPORTED. Use the steering wheel buttons to control music saved on your phone including play/pause, track forward/back and volume up/down. Pandora and other music streaming apps CANNOT be controlled by steering wheel buttons.



Available in USA

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