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Apple iPod Classic 80GB Black (6th Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) $488.88


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With 80GB or 160GB of storage, iPod classic gives your music and video room to move. It also has plenty of energy (up to 40 hours of audio playback), good looks (a sleek, all-metal design), and a great personality (a brand-new interface with Cover Flow). In other words, iPod classic makes an ideal companion.If a picture says a thousand words, think of what all the album art in your collection might say. With Cover Flow on iPod classic, you can flip through your music to find the album you want to hear. Use the Click Wheel to browse music by album cover, then select an album to flip it over and see the track list. iPod classic puts your entire music and video collection in your pocket with up to 80 GB of storageAn enhanced interface offers a whole new way to browse and view your music and videoCover Flow technology lets you use the patented Click Wheel to flip through your music by album coverBeautifully redesigned, iPod classic features a sleek, new all-metal enclosure2.5-inch display; measures 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.41 inches (H x W x D), weighs 4.9 ounces

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