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Set Rug Mouse Pad + Table Rug Coaster + Book Rug Bookmark - Turkish Design Miniature Carpet Mouse mat $16.93


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A beautiful matching set of a rug mouse pad, rug coaster, and rug bookmark. Each rug is a100% woven rug with an authentic Turkish/Oriental rug design. Real white fringes on both sides! The vibrant and bright colors do not fade and the surface rug is even washable. For best stability and protection, the rug on the mouse pad and coaster is adhered to a thin rubber base. The bookmark does not have a rubber backing. Size: Mouse pad 10x7, Coaster 6x4, Bookmark 10"x1 1/2" Mouse pad size including fringes: 10" x 7"Mouse pad works great with any type of mice, including optical and ball mice100% polyester, woven tapestry-style rugWhite fringes on both sidesRubber backing on mouse pad and coaster is 1/6" thick

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