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Benchmark Flame Resistant Balaclava, Soft Rib Knit, Inherent Blend, One Size, 9 Cal, HRC 2, Gray $23.39

Benchmark FR 

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Benchmark FR flame resistant Balaclava is made from a rib knit which will adjust to the wearer's head and face profile. It fits comfortably under any helmet or hard hat. The top Section is constructed like a Beanie and features an Incorporated face mask which can pull down below the chin. The soft breathable knit blend feels comfortable against the skin, never itchy or constrictive. Flame resistant for life, preshrunk, machine washable and reusable. Safe to wear against your skin. Modacrylic/cotton/nylon blend, 7.5 ounces. One Size fits all. Soft, warm, and comfortable. Face mask pulls down below chin. Long neck. Flame resistant thread. Wicks moisture. Use in all HRC applications. Single layer. NFPA 70E HRC 2, 9 cal/cm2, HRC 2. One Size fits all. Made in the USA. Flame resistant for lifeSoft and comfortableFace mask pulls down below the chinPreshrunk and machine washableArc flash and flash fire protection

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Available in USA

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