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Logan Acrylic Plastic Cutter 709-1 for Plexi Glass and Thick Plastic and Acrylic Sheet Cutting $9.47

Logan Acrylic Plastic Cutter 


Logan Acrylic Plastic Cutter 709-1 is a hand held cutting tool for scoring plastic and acrylic sheets. Inexpensive and handy for quick sizing of acrylic for general framing. Use in conjunction with any suitable straight edge or most Logan equipment including Team Systems, Compact, Artist Elite and Simplex series. Available for anyone interested in cutting straight lines for plexi glass and acrylic of many types. This cutter will scratch plexi and will score any plastic but works best with plexi glass sheets and other acrylic sheets and works best for straight cuts. Hand held and easy to use for any skill level. Measure carefully as scratches or scores will not be removable once they are cut into the plexi or acrylic. Hand held cutting tool for sizing plastic and acrylicUsed for general framing and matting and for professional creative applications where cutting of acrylic or plexi glass is neededCan be used along any straight edge and works best with metal rulers or straight edges.Can also be used with most Logan Graphics equipment and framing/mating systemsAn inexpensive way to cut plexiglass and acrylic for framing and other creative and general purposes

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