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Logan Simplex Elite 60 Inch Mat Cutter for Matting, Cutting, Sizing, Trimming and Framing $434.01

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The Logan 750-1 Simplex Elite is a multi-material sizing tool, trimmer and mat cutter all in one. The Simplex Elite Mat Cutter is a complete artist's studio tool for sizing mat board, foam board, cutting glass and acrylic plexi and can trim paper and photographs making it a multi-material sizing tool with lots of uses for many different substrate types used in framing, photography and general craft use. The Simplex Elite Mat cutter is a base board mounted mat cutter with 60″ (152cm) capacity. It features a hinging guide rail with production stops, parallel mat guide in aluminum channels, and 32″ (81cm) squaring arm with stop. Cutting heads and accessories include bevel and straight cutting heads, 8 ply bevel cutter, glass cutter, acrylic plexi cutter, paper trimmer, and a copy of Logan's newly updated Complete Guide to Home Picture Framing. Uses Logan 270 or 271 blades and Logan 786 glass wheels. The Simplex Elite mat cutter is an ideal machine for serious artists needing a full featured mat cutter that has the capability of downsizing many other types of materials along with mat board and foam board. This model is an updated version of the Logan Simplex 760 model that has been discontinued. A board-mounted cutting system that cuts matboard, image, foamboard and other paper based products up to 60 inches longWith a 27-inch squaring arm for easy material downsizing and trimming. Also cuts Plexi, Glass and harder plastic mounting boardsParallel mat guide for setting border widths easily and quickly for uniform cuttingBoth bevel and straight cutting heads are included making this a very versatile and capable cutter giving you all the tools you need for professional and at home framing.Also features an 8-ply bevel mat cutter, glass cutter, acrylic plexi cutter, and paper trimmer. This is the perfect trimming, cutting and framing tool for artists, designers, framers, photographers and all hobby and craft lovers.



Available in USA

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