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Logan Graphics 655-1 Framer’s Edge Elite 48 Inch Mat Cutter for Framing, Matting and Hobby Use $657.47

Logan Graphics 


Designed for serious volume artists and framers, the Logan Framers Edge series mat cutter is a heavy duty, high production mat cutter with dual purpose straight and bevel cutting head on a sturdy 3/4″ MDF base. The movable production stop system allows for much faster repeat cuts than lower end machines which is crucial for saving time and overall accuracy. Includes two quick change squaring arms 9″(23cm) and 32″ (81cm), super smooth ball bearing guided cutting head with 4 and 8 ply cutting ability plus start and stop indicator, adjustable production stops. All models include parallel mat guide with aluminum channels plus 10 extra blades. Includes 96 page Home Picture Framing book. Replacement blade number 269. Also accepts blade number 268 for 8 ply mat board cutting. The Framers Edge series is for the serious volume artist or framer that has production repeat cuts to make and is ideal for an education environment with multiple users. See the Logan You Tube channel for instructional videos. A heavy-duty easy to use mat cutter designed for production use by professionals and artists, so easy to use and can be used by amateurs as well48-inch cutting capacity for 4 and 8 ply boards with two supplied straight or bevel head cutters-need to use proper blades for 4 or 8 ply cutting-4 ply uses blade #269 and 8 ply uses blade #268.2 quick-change squaring arms acts like a t-square to ensure accuracy, alignment and straight cutting in a high volume mat cutting environmentAluminum channels allow you to set your own border widths and make custom mats. Always use mat underlay under the board being cut so you get a clean bevel.Also features a start and stop indicator and adjustable production stops making production matting and framing fast and easy.



Available in USA

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