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Classic Monsters Spotlight Collection (The Mummy (1932) / The Wolf Man / The Invisible Man / Phantom of the Opera (1943)) $15.41

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The Mummy (1932): Horror icon Boris Karloff stars in a legendary performance as the Egyptian mummy, Im-Ho-Tep, who is accidentally revived after 3,700 years. The Wolf Man (1941): Featuring a heartbreaking performance by Lon Chaney Jr., this story of a cursed man who transforms into a deadly werewolf has not only become a masterpiece of the horror genre, but of all-time. The Invisible Man: Claude Rains stars in the signature adaptation of H.G. Wells’ story about a doctor who discovers a serum that makes him invisible and is also slowly driving him insane. Phantom of the Opera: This spectacular horror tale stars Claude Rains as the masked phantom of the Paris opera house in a lavish production that remains a masterpiece of the genre. Factory sealed DVD

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