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The Orloff Collection (The Awful Dr. Orloff / Dr. Orloff's Monster / Revenge in the House of Usher / Orloff and the Invisible Man) $14.95

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Devious. Diabolical. Devilish. He's Dr. Orloff, the villainous creation of horror cult director Jess Franco introduced in the gothic classic, The Awful Dr. Orlof. Determined to restore the beauty of his disfigured sister, the doctor sends his monstrous manservant, Morpho, on a quest for nubile beauties to provide fresh skin for his experiments. Then one of Orloff's disciples creates a humanoid servant, Dr. Orloff's Monster, with his niece falling into a trap of murder and insanity. Then prepare to meet Orloff and the Invisible Man when the good doc hosts a traveler at his castle and unleashes an invisible terror that's already turned his daughter into a raving lunatic# or has it? Finally, the Poe classic is turned inside out as Revenge in the House of Usher entails a family curse, a deranged brother and sister, a lonely traveler and footage from the first Orloff film to tie it all together!



Available in USA

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