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ENKLOV Wireless TPMS Tire Pressure Mointoring System with 4pcs External Sensors(0-8BAR/0-116PSI),Visual and Audible Alarm,Temperature and Pressure LCD Display $69.99


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Easy and quick installation

Easy installation with 4pcs external valve-cap sensorswith freescale chip,you can install them by your self within 5 munites at home,
don't need tire bead breaker and a balancing machine.Use the cigarette lighter plug or car charger with extension cable to charge
and setup receiver, once the car is moving, the pressure and temperature will display at LCD screen.

Drive safe,protect tyre

The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) may warn you if your tires pressure is low or going flat,
helping incarease your fuel economy ,decreasing tire wear, reducing braking distance,and preventing potential blowout,
increase your safety on the road and avoid accidents.
Instant alarm system

Immediate visible and audible warning on the monitor when the tire pressure, tire temperature, air leaking goes beyond
the alarm value or sensor battery is low. Easily view the data of tyre temperature and tyre pressure data for safety
Sensor Specification:

Temperature Range:-40℃-+105℃
Working Humidity:100%
Battery:WI:50mA/ WF:120mA
Standby Current:1uA
Pressure Testing Range:0-8 BAR(0-116 PSI)
Temperature Testing Range:-40℃~+120℃
Emission Frequency:FSK433.92MHZ
Pressure Precision:±1.5PSI(±0.1bar)
Operate Current:15mA
Package Including:

1x tire pressure and temperature monitor
4x external sensor
1x hexagon nut wrench
4x hexagon nut
1x cigarette lighter connector
1x open end wrench
1x holder
1x car charger
1x instruction manual
Advantages:The TPMS allows you to monitor 4 tyres by using an easy-to-see LCD display which shows real-time tyre pressures and temperature in PSI/Bar format; Visual and dudible alert the driver of low pressure due to leaks or punctures as well as over temperature, over-pressure and low battery.Save on fuel, tyre wear and avoid accidents.Easy Installation: Easy installation with 4pcs external valve-cap sensorswith freescale chip,can be installed without any special equipment,don't need tire bead breaker and a balancing machine;The sensors are already factory paired and labeled to the corresponding tire, allowing the system can be fitted in a matter of minutes.INSTANT ALARM: Measure pressure range within 0-8BAR(0-116PSI) making it perfect for most sedan cars(not for RV, Tralier, Truck), temperature range around -40-105 degree. If your tryers start to exceed the minumun or maxinum value pre-set by you, the LCD screen will give visual and dudible alarm before accidents occour.SUPER DURABLE:The sensors battery lifespan around 1-3years(4hours driving/day),can be replaceable when it's run out .Stable wireless signal transmission without radio interference,accurate data transmission,error is ± 1.5 PSI (± 0.1 bar). Waterproof and anti-theft ,no eed to worry about raining days.Monitor Charging:Use the cigarette lighter or car charger with extension cable to power on the monitor,with windshield adhesive bracket to place the monitor for better view with real-time data.



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